Second Chances

I wonder why some college coaches guilty of recruiting violation get second chances.  I certainly understand there are immense pressures to win and these transgressions are often a consequence of these pressures.  We are human so we will make mistakes and people deserve a second, even a third chance. But if I held the position of Athletic Director for a major Division 1 University, I don’t know if I would I even entertain the conversation.  I would ask myself: how important is winning?; what message will this send to my students?; and why not give other quality coaches who have shown a strong moral center an opportunity?


Both college and professional sports recycle coaches and so I wonder whether winning and the fear of new outweighs the importance of integrity.  To address the problem, I propose re-educating the coach guilty of the transgression.  Perhaps this could include enrollment in ethics, philosophy, criminal justice and even NCAA compliance courses.  From there, the coach would then earn the opportunity to be an assistant coach under a probationary period until he earns the right to again to be considered for a head coaching position.